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Posted : admin On 1/29/2022

Dj Mixer 3 Professional is the ultimate audio and video mixing software for live Dj performances. Offering audio, video, and karaoke mixing ability. This ground breaking software is designed with rock-solid 4-deck coupled with a powerful DJing tool offering visual effects and creative transitions. Dj Mixer 3 Professional includes a lot of. Mar 31, 2003 The Channel Mixer will enable you to create new stereo mixes using the existing right and left channels as input sources. With different combinations, you can create some interesting stereo imagining effects like: Average, Invert, Swap Channels, Wide Stereo, Vocal Cut. This video I will show you how to add a mic to winamp enabling the stereo mix of your sound card on windows 7. For test instruct.

Winamp Mixer

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Winamp 5.1

Thank you for your reply.
I figured I could use a second soundcard.
1 - I set the WinAmp DSP plugin to use 'Line In' instead of the 'Winamp' for my Input Source.
2 - I connect from the 'speaker/output' of the soundcard(a) that Winamp is currently playing music on to the 'Aux In' of the mixer.
3 - I connect from the 'Aux Out' of the mixer to the 'Line in' of the second soundcard(b).
4 - I then connect the speakers that I was using before into the soundcard(b) 'speaker/output'.
With that setup, I am actually able to control the winamp volume through my mixer and use the mic's and I hear the changes on my end, but the broadcast itself can only be heard if I re-select the WinAmp DSP to use the 'Winamp' for Input Source, therefor still not going through the mixer first. I am thinking I still need to configure the WinAmp player to look at the second soundcard(b)'s 'Line in' while it is playing my song list from Soundcard(a). But, how is that accomplished?
Do I need to change the Windows XP Audio Properties for the Playback/Recording setups? If so, what would be the correct setup?
I appreciate any help the community is able to provide to me. I appologize if I am making an easy solution more difficult.
Maybe I should just build a second computer and mix between the two pc's. Would rather just use ONE pc though...