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Winamp for Android

Ordinary phones can play mp3 formats, and modern music players are more streaming services, like Spotify, than just players. Our take Winamp for Android is a good looking and easy to use an adaptation of a legendary program. Winamp for Android is an application that will allow you to listen to your favorite music directly from your mobile phone by previously importing your iTunes library or any playlist from your computer. Get it from Here. Winamp is a player of today that offers a complete listening experience. This free mp3 player for Windows has always been a first choice of users. It works on lightweight design and interactive UI to offer seamless user experience. Fully control Winamp® over WLAN! Access to playlist and Media Library. Access your playlist and Media-Library. Search and browse your Media Libray by albums, artists and playlists. Enqueue new songs to playlist from your phone. Switch to saved playlist or enqeue all songs from artist or album. You can even edit the playlist on phone. Standard playback control, shuffle, repeat and rating.

Winamp for Android™ is the best media player for Android. With Winamp for Android, you can easily play, manage and sync music from your Mac or PC to your Android device; offering users a complete music management solution (Android 2.1 or later is required). Other features include free wireless syncing (latest Winamp is required), one-click iTunes library import, free music, premium features and access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

Winamp for Android™ is available in both Free and Professional (Pro) versions.

Winamp for Android-Free

  • Free Wireless Syncing
  • Now Syncs with Winamp for Mac Sync Beta
  • One-Click iTunes Library Import
  • Access to over 50 thousand of SHOUTcast radio stations
  • SHOUTcast Featured Stations
  • Persistent player controls
  • Easily collapsible/expandable Now Playing screen
  • Artist news, bios, photos & discographies
  • Extras Menu – Now Playing data interacts with other installed apps
  • Album art gesturing for track change
  • Free Music downloads with Spinner’s MP3 of the Day
  • Free Music streaming with CDLP – on-demand streaming of popular album releases
  • Integrated Android Search & “Listen to” voice action
  • Browse by Artist, Album, Tracks or Genre
  • Playlists and playlist shortcuts
  • Play Queue Management
  • Widget Players (4x1 & 4x2)
  • Lock-Screen Player
  • Scrobbling
  • Available in 14 Languages


  • Free wireless desktop syncing

    Download the new Winamp for Mac Sync Beta or the Winamp Media Player for PCs to wirelessly sync to your desktop computer. Both desktop applications offer one-click iTunes library & playlist importing.

  • Persistent player controls

    Intuitive interface that offers consistent access to player controls, the Winamp home screen & the play queue — a temporary track listing that you can easily manage, sort or save as a playlist.

  • Radio SHOUTcast

    Extend your listening experience beyond your own library. Discover over 45,000 internet radio stations. Search or browse by featured stations, top stations, all genres or recently played.

  • Widget player & shortcuts

    Add playlists or one of the widget players to the Android home screen. Enable playback control from the lock-screen.

  • Now playing

    Displays song info, swipe-able album art & more. Tap to reveal additional features like artist bios, news, & photos. Integrates with other installed apps on your device (e.g. Pandora, YouTube and

  • Scrobbling

    Supports Scrobbling with the app installed. Capturing all of your mobile listening history in real time.

Winamp for Android-Pro

Winamp Pro Bundle offers additional features that allow you to control and customize your music experience.

  • 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Customizable Home Screen
  • Browse by Folders
  • Crossfade
  • Gapless Playback
  • Supports FLAC Playback (from Browse by Folders)
  • Replay Gain
  • Personalized Station Recommendations
  • Play Any Streaming Audio URL
  • No Ads!


  • Graphic equalizer

    Optimize how your audio sounds with the 10-band graphic EQ. Load a preset or adjust the settings to create your own.

  • Enriched audio

    The native Winamp playback engine offers enriched audio playback including FLAC playback from the Browse by Folders navigation.

  • Customizable home screen

    Move and rearrange the Winamp home screen button to fit your needs. Also add your favorite SHOUTcast station or playlist for quick playback.

  • Premium features

    Enjoy seamless transitions between songs with Crossfade, minimize the silence between songs with Gapless playback & automatically level the volume between songs with Replay Gain.

  • Browse by folders

    In addition to browsing your music by Genres, Songs, Albums, & Artists; you can now browse and manage playback directly from your system folders.

  • Extra shoutcast features

    Play any streaming audio URL (supported formats only) by manually entering the station or file address. Get personalized station recommendations based off of your music library.


In 2014, Radionomy (online radio aggregator) acquired the Winamp media player and SHOUTcast technology. As a result, Winamp for Android™ is no longer being developed and is not officially available (removed from the Google Play store). However, you can still download the latest AOL version (free or Pro) from Download section.

Music is an inseparable part of most of our lives. Whether at work or at home, unless a few beats hit your ears, you just can’t seem to move an inch ahead. While there is no denying the fact that we mostly play music on our smartphones there comes a time when we must put our smartphones down. Especially when you are at your workstation, you possibly can’t have your earphones plugged in all the time.

So, if you are still glued to your old music player for windows installed on your desktop, time to switch things up. Here’s our list of top 10 best music player for windows 10 that are loaded with mind boggling features.

Best Music Player for Windows 10 :

1. Groove Music Player

This music player comes installed by default on Windows 10. While many might take that fact for granted, it is indeed a fantastic app. Intuitive and minimalistic interface make it a hot choice amongst windows users. Listed below are some of the remarkable features of this music player for windows 10 –


  • With Groove music player you can sync music between Windows, Android, iOS and XBOX.
  • You can download music on up to 4 devices.
  • Groove Music Player has an integration with OneDrive. So, if you carry all your music on OneDrive, you can play it on the Groove Music Player without a hiccup.

Winamp Play Store Free

Easy syncing feature to help you enjoy your favorite music.

Allows you to access music from OneDrive.

Available for free to use.


It doesn’t support old Windows versions.

Not suitable for power users.

2. MusicBee

A Best music player for windows 10 that has garnered immense popularity amongst audiophiles and for several reasons, reining amongst these is its clean and simple interface. Apart from that it comes with ASIO and WASAPI support. If you have been a fan of Winamp, this is just the app for you as it supports all the plugins of Winamp.


  • You can now manage your music files, radio stations, audiobooks and other items in the library using the auto-tagging functionality.
  • It supports almost every music format including .mp3, .wav, .aac, .flac, .ogg and several others.
  • This synchronizes tracks and playlists across all android devices and can automatically download artists photos and artwork.

It also supports podcasts, web radio stations, and SoundCloud integration.

Suitable for latest Windows versions.

Multiple add-ons available.


It doesn’t support old Windows versions.

A little complex navigation

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3. Spotify

If you are an avid music listener, you have most definitely heard of Spotify. The best part is, Spotify is now also available for desktop users as well. Spotify lets you play from amongst millions of songs both online and offline.


  • Hundreds of smartly curated personalized playlists that let you choose songs as per your mood.
  • You can play local music tracks, audiobooks, exclusive podcasts and videos.
  • Since the app also lets you sync accounts, you can also add your friend’s activity in the right-hand side of the player.

The app per say is free to use but if you choose to opt for its paid premium subscription, there is a lot more you can joy in this best paid music player for windows 10. For instance, you won’t be interrupted by ads and will enjoy a better audio experience amongst several other features.


It offers hundreds of ready made playlists to choose your favorite music.

You can create a personalized

You can download tunes and play offline.


It only works with Windows 10.

Free version has limited features

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is an app that streams music coming from both indie and established artists. Which means that apart from swaying to the tunes of chart-topping numbers, you can also hear masterpieces from emerging artists as well. Numerically, it enlists more than 150 million tracks all of which are curated in playlists as per your moods and tastes.


  • You can sync your listening history and collection of songs across all your devices.
  • With this you can hear the hottest music in every genre with the help of SoundCloud Charts.
  • You can create and upload your own music and use all the tools that can help you enter the music scene.

It offers one of the largest music collections with over 150M tracks.

Easy pairing option to help you enjoy your favorite music

All music collection is automatically synced across all your devices.


Free version has limited options.

Doesn’t offer integration to other cloud based music apps.

5. Bread Music Player

Another awesome and lightning fast music player for windows 10 is bread. It lets you personalize your music experience just the way you want it to be. From making playlists, organizing songs or even styling the UI, there is so much that you can do with this music player.


  • Supports most of the audio formats like .mp3, m4a, aiff, flac, etc
  • It prevents screen from getting locked so that you can have a seamless music playing experience.
  • One drive streaming and folder navigation accessibility.

Winamp Play Store Windows 10


Free, ad-free, and open source music player for Windows.

It offers folder navigation and OneDrive streaming.

Multiple themes to select from


Not suitable for power users

A little complex to navigate

6. VLC for Windows

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that is trusted by millions of users around the world. With regular updates, it has proved to be one of the finest music players for Windows 10. It works as a mp3 player for Windows 10 and plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols. This powerful audio player for Window works well with all Windows versions.


  • It offers music library management, playback recommendations, and meta data retrieval.
  • This offers support for network streams including MMS, HLS, or RTSP.
  • It has a media library for video and audio files, a complete audio library, with metadata fetching.

The software is available for free.

Winamp Play Store

This supports all major file formats.

Winamp play store free

It supports all Windows versions.

ConsWinamp play store app

VLS for Windows Store requires Windows 8.1 or later.

UI could be improved.

7. Winamp

Winamp is a player of today that offers a complete listening experience. This free mp3 player for Windows has always been a first choice of users. It works on lightweight design and interactive UI to offer seamless user experience. With its multi-pane UI and tons of customization features, you can enjoy your favorite music in an effortless manner.


  • It allows you to create a well-organized media library from your local collection.
  • helps you curate playlists and supports all major file formats.
  • It helps you sync data with smartphones and offers easy visualization.

It comes with a built-in web browser to help stream your favorite music.

This supports all latest Windows versions.

It offers custom skins and multiple themes to select from.


It doesn’t support old Windows versions.

Navigational issues.


AIMP is one of the best music player for Windows 10 and other Windows versions. It also works seamlessly with Android devices. It works on BPM Detection algorithms to provide seamless music experience. If you love amazing visual experience, then you should download AIMP for Windows. It offers an amazing interface to help you organize your song collection, rip CDs, create custom and smart playlists, and more.


  • It allows you to manage meta tags for effective search.
  • You can find multiple skins to select from.
  • This powerful audio player for Windows 10 supports all popular audio formats.

It offers 18-band equalizer with multiple sound effects.

This offers multiple themes and skins to select from.

It offers detachable playlist section.


The app edition has no installer thus you ca’t import settings from previous versions correctly.

It doesn’t offer regular updates.

9. Dopamine

The next best music player for Windows 10 is Dopamine. This advanced audio player for Windows works on interactive UI to offer seamless listening experience. It helps you organize your music collection with multiple useful features. It supports all major file formats including mp3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, WMA, and more. You can find multiple themes and skins to make your experience great with this tool.


  • It supports all major file formats.
  • This offers friendly out of the box experience.
  • It offers various taskbar and tray controls for easy management.

This offers multiple controls to help you manage your music collection.

You can find multiple themes and skins.

Winamp Play Store App

It works on a simple & interactive UI.


Doesn’t support old Windows versions.

Not suitable for power users.

10. Windows Media Player

You can find Windows Media Player as a built in solution for audio and video playing needs. This native music player for Windows 10 comes pre-installed on all Windows versions. You can even download it on Mac devices to enjoy your favorite music. It works on a simple UI to offer clutter free music listening experience for free.


  • Windows Media Player comes as a built-in tool on Windows based devices,
  • You can play all major file formats on this audio and music player.
  • You can easily import music and media files to enjoy them on your PC.

It supports all Windows versions.

Native tool that is available for free.

Seamless user support


Lack of customization options.

Lack of advanced music streaming features


What is the best music player for Windows 10?

Groove Music is one of the best music player for Windows 10 that is offered by Microsoft Corporation and comes as a default app. It offers easy integration with OneDrive to help you stream your favorite music. In addition to that, you can also check Spotify Music and SoundCloud that are meticulously designed music player for Windows. It offers tons of useful features keeping needs of power users in mind.

How to change the default music player in Windows 10?

Winamp For Android Play Store

You can perform a few quick tweaks in system settings to change the default music player in Windows 10. To do this, press Win + I keys to open Settings. On the Settings window, select Apps. On the next window, select Default Apps from the left pane. Now in the right pane scroll down to find Music Player. Click on it and select the default music player from given options.

How to add music to Windows Media Player from Windows 10?

If you have purchased some of your favorite music tracks and now want to add them to Windows Media Player, then you can do this by following these steps. To do this, click on the Organize button in Windows Media Player and select Manage Libraries. Select Add and browse the file location. Once selected, click Include Folder and confirm. You have successfully added the music to Windows Media Player.

Winamp Play Speed

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